My Favorite Music

I’m starting this blog to talk about my life as a starving drummer and to profile some of my favorite music.

Look, life isn’t easy when you ain’t makin that money but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I do what I love and I get paid to do it.  Not as much as I’d like…but I love what I do.  I make people smile and I make them cry. I make them move. Literally. A drummer has the power to make tens of thousands of people bob their heads all at the same time. They can bring out the primal scream in anyone at anytime.

The music that my band makes…makes people remember times in their lives when they were in love…when they were happy…when they were depressed…when they were carefree…when they didn’t have responsibilities.  The bottom line is we move people and that’s pretty dang cool.

I have to start with one of my favorite drummers of all time…Alex Van Halen.  I grew up w/ this man’s beats blasting in my drum room and to this day, I can’t hear his beats without joining in.  To Sir Alex!!!