Mom’s Kitchen Disaster

I love my mom…but sometimes she gets in way over her head.  Last month was a good example of that.

She decided she was going to hire a guy she found on craigslist  to help her with a kitchen remodeling project. Instead of helping, the guy destroyed the kitchen and mom hasn’t heard from him since.

I found a company on Yelp who was getting great reviews so I gave them a call. Go Pro Construction came out the next day and gave my mom a really good quote on the project.  They finish the job within two weeks and we were all amazed! New kitchen cabinets, countertops, and floor tile. Yes, you read that right… Two weeks.

I didn’t even think you could get kitchen cabinets that fast.  if you need kitchen remodeling in Gaithersburg, Maryland, you need to call these guys.

Mom and I had the band over for dinner last night and I every single one of them had nice things to say about her new kitchen.