Future of Drumming

Take a gander at the photograph below. What do you see? Go on, gaze. On the off chance that you can look at it for no less than five seconds and make any sort of judgment about it, then congrats! As indicated by drummer Evan Stone that implies you’ve done your base prerequisite of every day basic considering. It additionally implies he and his crazy, hallucinogenic jazz-propelled furnish, The Translucent Ham Sandwich Band, have finished something that couple of nearby groups even attempt to do any longer: motivating you to ponder issues that influence our reality. It’s something of a withering craftsmanship nowadays, particularly on the off chance that we take a gander at music in our own patio and how occasionally we see groups who might accomplish something both insane AND mindful – like stance for a photograph delineating a decent rate of the world’s issues with the sarcastic nibble of a political cartoon.

bandFrom multiple points of view the photograph essentially delineates old issues kept alive through current occasions. Exhibiting components of the open deliberation over kid antibodies and flexibility of decision, firearm control, police fierceness against blacks and dissenters, pressures amongst Israel and Palestine (which has all the earmarks of being all the more a sexual strain in this photograph), betting with our national security…it’s all stuff we’ve heard and seen some time recently. Yet, as far as specialists who put those sorts of dialogs in their music, it’s turning out to be all the more an irregularity, which was Stone’s moment that he chose to orchestrate the photograph titled “The Ham Supper” (an offhanded play on the Last Dinner).

Beginning a month ago, this photograph (right now utilized as a flier for every one of their shows) turned into Stone’s message to the world and to any individual who goes to see his band perform. It seems, by all accounts, to be basic: look further into what you’re seeing when a craftsman gets in front of an audience and take a gander at what they remain for. Normally, that may be a hard thing to do with a band like THSB, unexpectedly in light of the fact that there is such a great amount to take a gander at. Each show packs no less than about six individuals in front of an audience, not including whatever aerialists, paunch artists or side show monstrosities are going along with them that night. For a considerable length of time they’ve been known as a standout amongst the most outwardly fascinating and musically adroit acts in OC. In any case, Stone says, the band are attempting to demonstrate that the motivation for their music is more than quite recently surface level. Also, that is something specialists are regularly hesitant to do.

“I think the dominant part of craftsmen timid far from [getting political] with their specialty since it’s still observed as taboo…and I believe that is horse crap,” Stone says. “I ponder that stuff more.. We can sing about adoration, we can sing about peace and sex and celebrating and that is cool, however I think possibly some of them might want to convey what needs be in different ways yet they’re not permitted to in light of the fact that they believe they’re going to get reprimanded.”

Maybe Stone’s greatest seek after this photograph (outside of getting you to simply take a gander at the damn thing) is to be affronted by in any event some component of it. That, he says, is a genuine practice in free discourse – the ability to annoy and the privilege to be insulted and stand up about it. Also, when you take a gander at something that is making a decent attempt as this photograph is to affront somebody without going all X-evaluated on us, we perceive how underused those First Revision rights are in the amusement world.

Strikingly enough, one of Stone’s actual saints of free discourse, Tony Clifton, really makes a cameo in this photograph with his mark pink tux (for those of you conceived after 1980, he’s a character Andy Kaufman/Bounce Zmuda made on SNL in the late ’70s).

‚Äč”He speaks to free discourse to me, he’s going to state and do whatever he needs and he’s presumably going to insult a few people, yet that is what truly matters to free discourse, say something hostile.”

Cheers to that. Furthermore, regardless of the possibility that this photograph doesn’t affront you by any means (all things considered, on the off chance that you read this fiendish cloth you likely have an entirely high resilience for heresy), it’s the reality of what it speaks to that ought to be valued. That and the way that a band made you consider an option that is other than cash, sex, getting high or parting ways with your noteworthy other…at minimum for five seconds. For Stone, his band’s new photograph about attempting to wear down your lack of concern.

“Can you take a gander at a photo like that and be totally apathetic and say goodness decent picture?” Stone asks, “or would you say you are going to take a gander at a photo like that and say ‘that is a little messed up?'”