Future of Drumming

Take a gander at the photograph below. What do you see? Go on, gaze. On the off chance that you can look at it for no less than five seconds and make any sort of judgment about it, then congrats! As indicated by drummer Evan Stone that implies you’ve done your base prerequisite of every day basic considering. It additionally implies he and his crazy, hallucinogenic jazz-propelled furnish, The Translucent Ham Sandwich Band, have finished something that couple of nearby groups even attempt to do any longer: motivating you to ponder issues that influence our reality. It’s something of a withering craftsmanship nowadays, particularly on the off chance that we take a gander at music in our own patio and how occasionally we see groups who might accomplish something both insane AND mindful – like stance for a photograph delineating a decent rate of the world’s issues with the sarcastic nibble of a political cartoon. From multiple points of view the photograph essentially delineates old issues kept alive through current occasions. Exhibiting components of the open deliberation over kid antibodies and flexibility of decision, firearm control, police fierceness against blacks and dissenters, pressures amongst Israel and Palestine (which has all the earmarks of being all the more a sexual strain in this photograph), betting with our national security…it’s all stuff we’ve heard and seen some time recently. Yet, as far as specialists who put those sorts of dialogs in their music, it’s turning out to be all the more an irregularity, which was Stone’s moment that he chose to orchestrate the photograph titled “The Ham Supper” (an offhanded play on the Last Dinner). Beginning a month ago, this photograph (right now utilized as a flier for every one of their shows) turned into Stone’s message to the world and to any individual who goes to see his band perform. It seems, by all accounts, to be basic: look further into what you’re seeing when a craftsman gets in front of an audience and take a gander at what they remain for. Normally, that may be a hard thing to do with a band like THSB, unexpectedly in light of the fact that there is such a great amount to take a gander at. Each show packs no less than about six individuals in front of an audience, not including whatever aerialists, paunch artists or side show monstrosities are going along Read More …

Mom’s Kitchen Disaster

I love my mom…but sometimes she gets in way over her head.  Last month was a good example of that. She decided she was going to hire a guy she found on craigslist  to help her with a kitchen remodeling project. Instead of helping, the guy destroyed the kitchen and mom hasn’t heard from him since. I found a company on Yelp who was getting great reviews so I gave them a call. Go Pro Construction came out the next day and gave my mom a really good quote on the project.  They finish the job within two weeks and we were all amazed! New kitchen cabinets, countertops, and floor tile. Yes, you read that right… Two weeks. I didn’t even think you could get kitchen cabinets that fast.  if you need kitchen remodeling in Gaithersburg, Maryland, you need to call these guys. Mom and I had the band over for dinner last night and I every single one of them had nice things to say about her new kitchen.

Ten Best of All Time

So I’ve been dying to do this…I’m going back to look at the 10 best drummers of all time…at least as they’ve affected my life. So here goes: 10. Dave Grohl 9. Yoshiki Hayashi 8. Mike Portnoy 7. Rick Allen 6. Lars Ulrich 5. Keith Moon 4. John Bonham 3. Buddy Rich 2. Neil Peart 1. Alex Van Halen If you don’t agree…that’s cool. This isn’t about you, it’s about me…and they men are freaking amazing!

My Favorite Music

I’m starting this blog to talk about my life as a starving drummer and to profile some of my favorite music. Look, life isn’t easy when you ain’t makin that money but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I do what I love and I get paid to do it.  Not as much as I’d like…but I love what I do.  I make people smile and I make them cry. I make them move. Literally. A drummer has the power to make tens of thousands of people bob their heads all at the same time. They can bring out the primal scream in anyone at anytime. The music that my band makes…makes people remember times in their lives when they were in love…when they were happy…when they were depressed…when they were carefree…when they didn’t have responsibilities.  The bottom line is we move people and that’s pretty dang cool. I have to start with one of my favorite drummers of all time…Alex Van Halen.  I grew up w/ this man’s beats blasting in my drum room and to this day, I can’t hear his beats without joining in.  To Sir Alex!!!